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Upgrade License from 100 to 1000Mbps for EtherHaul-1200F

EtherHaul[tm]-1200F & EtherHaul[tm]-1200T

Mobile Backhaul & LTE-Ready E-band Radio

The EtherHaul-1200F and EtherHaul-1200T radios provide wireless point-to-point Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Designed to meet the growing need of service providers for high-capacity, carrier-grade, secure and future-proof mobile backhaul, these radios provide Gigabit throughput, MEF compliant networking and QoS. Enhanced Hitless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding & Modulation maximizes spectral efficiency and improves link availability.

The EH-1200F/T radios are based on Siklu's revolutionary integrated-silicon technology, which results in an all outdoor, highly reliable, small, light-weight, cost-effective radio that is field-proven in thousands of installations. They support network synchronization, ring protection, and feature, multiple GbE interfaces enabling complex network topologies, such as daisy chain, ring and mesh.

Operating in the uncongested and inexpensively-licensed E-band spectrum, Siklu's radios feature the advantages of both TDD and FDD technologies:

- EH-1200F: operates at 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz, in FDD technology

- EH-1200T: operates at 71-76GHz in TDD technology


- Field proven technology

- Reduced TCO and fast ROI

- Integrated silicon solution

- High performance: High throughput, low latency; Fiber-like functionality

- High spectrum efficiency: Uncongested E band spectrum; Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for high availability

- Advanced layer-2 features: MEF-compliant QoS; VLAN, Provider Bridge; SLA assurance

- All-outdoor small footprint: Small and light; Quick and easy to install

- AES encryption

- Network synchronization

- Zero touch installation

Typical Applications

* Mobile Backhaul

* Fiber extension

* Business Services Connectivity

* LAN to LAN Connectivity