Managed Wi-Fi Services

What is Cielo's Managed Wi-Fi Service?

To simply put it, Cielo will engineer, install, and monitor your Wi-Fi infrastructure. As your Managed Wi-Fi service provider Cielo will take away the burden of managing your own Wi-Fi network and allow you to focus on what matters most, your business. Cielo's technicians will build you a custom system to overcome any network problems you are facing such as a unreliable network, insufficient bandwidth, or having a congested network due to number of users. 

Reasons why every business needs a managed Wi-Fi provider

The times have changed and its no secret. Most of your customers walk into your business with multiple devices that can all connect to your Wi-Fi. Whether they are updating their Facebook status, playing their favorite app, staying on top of their email, they are doing it from wherever they are at. Which lines up a perfect opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers, improve their satisfaction, and gain valuable insight from your customer.  But in order to take advantage of this opportunity you need more than just a Wi-Fi signal. Your business needs a managed Wi-Fi provider that can:

1.Be your own IT department: 

The owners and managers of your business simply do not have the time to be worried about being their own “IT department”.  As your managed Wi-Fi provider Cielo will be available, at all times, to take away the burden of worrying about your Wi-Fi.

2.Create customer engagement: 

Cielo’s Managed Wi-Fi services will allow business owners a new way to reach their customers. Whether its through promotions, videos, or surveys that can be display when the customer is connecting to the network, this would serve as a revolutionary way to engage with your customer. It would overall help your business create deeper relationship with your customers developing them into loyal customers.

Features of Managed Wi-Fi  

Fully engineered and installed Wi-Fi systems

Round the clock monitoring of your system for continuous uptime

Users are firewalled for security and PCI compliance

Per user bandwidth limits to control abusers and optimize bandwidth                        

Branded splash pages for brand compliance