Services: Deployment & Managed WiFi

Technical/Onsite Deployment 

At Cielo Systems we provide a wide variety of services to help support you or your business. Listed below, you will find the general areas in which we operate. More detailed information about the services we have available can be found by clicking one of the topics below.   

MDU's & On-Site Support      

Technical Services      

Deployment Services


Managed WiFi Services

What is Cielo's Managed Wi-Fi Service?

To simply put it, Cielo will engineer, install, and monitor your Wi-Fi infrastructure. As your Managed Wi-Fi service provider Cielo will take away the burden of managing your own Wi-Fi network and allow you to focus on what matters most, your business. Cielo's technicians will build you a custom system to overcome any network problems you are facing such as a unreliable network, insufficient bandwidth, or having a congested network due to number of users. 


Features of Managed Wi-Fi  

Fully engineered and installed Wi-Fi systems

Round the clock monitoring of your system for continuous up time

Users are firewalled for security and PCI compliance

Per user bandwidth limits to control abusers and optimize bandwidth

Ability to kick off users from outside the area of business

Branded splash pages for brand compliance